Today's The Day - A Potted History

20th January:       At Thurston's on this day in 1932, before the baulk-line rule was in force, Walter Albert Lindrum, OBE, (Australia) completed an official break of 4137 (started the 19th January) in only 2 hours and 55 minutes!

1st February:       On this day in 1855, at the offices of "The Sportsman" the first meeting of the Billiards Association took place attended by Professional Players and Billiard Traders. Weekly meetings followed, chaired by John Roberts (a leading Billiards Professional at the time)

18th March:         Alex "Hurricane" Higgins was born on this day in 1949. At the YMCA in Leicester against England against Willie Thorne in 1976, with a break of 146, Alex became the first player to achieve a '16 red' clearance (the extra red being a "free-ball", following a foul by his opponent)

14th April:            The first televised game of snooker was played today in 1937 - between Horace Lindrum and Willie Smith.

31st May:             At "The Magpie", Goring-on-Thames, Berkshire on this day in 1981, a Bar Billiards score of 1,363,870 was achieved by a team of five players, in a 24 hour marathon.

1st June:               On this day in 1978, three consecutive frame clearances of 130, 140, and 139 were compiled by David "The Silver Fox" Taylor, at Minehead in Somerset.

1st July:                In Hamilton, Canada on this day in 1979, a total of 11,700 balls were pocketed by Gary Mounsey (born 1947) in a 24 hour session of American Straight Pool - An average rate of a ball per 7.38 seconds!

22nd August:        Six-times World Champion Steve Davis was born on this day in 1957. In the preliminary round of his first-ever Embassy World Professional Snooker Championship in 1979, he beat Ian Anderson by 9 frames to 1.

21st September:  Concluded on this day in 1855 was the work of revising the Rules of Billiards.

10th October:       In a mere 27.5 seconds at his home country, Australia on this day in 1952, Walter Albert Lindrum, OBE, compiled an "unofficial" billiards break of 100. Set in Sydney, Australia, in 1941, his "official" 100 break was made in 46.0 seconds!

9th November:     Capturing the World Amateur Snooker Championship, at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia on this day in 1980, meant that at the age of 18 years and 191 days, Jimmy "Whirlwind" White became the "youngest-ever" World Snooker title winner.

11th December:   The report of the committee appointed to draft the Rules of Snooker was presented and finally passed by the Billiards Association of Great Britain and Ireland on this day in 1900.